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See Bengali Font In Mobile
Dear members, Please follow the instructions given below, and then you will be able to see Bengali fonts too from your Mobile. It's easy and will not take too much time. মোবাইল ফোন দিয়ে যারা net ব্যবহার করেন এবং বাংলা font দেখতে পাননা, তাদের জন্য (For those who use net by their mobile phones and can't see Bengali fonts) Bengali Website increase Day By Day. But Bengali font can not view mobile phone. If we want we can show Bengali font in our mobile. It is Not So Difficult. I have told here step by step. Please read carefully and setup your mobile phone. Note That: You can Only see Unicode Based Bangla Website In Your Mobile Phone. First you Confirm that your Mobile phone Must support Java Software. If your Mobile does not support java you can not see Bangla web site in your mobile phone. Now see Bangla/Bengali Font for your Mobile. First we need a mobile phone which have Internet connection and it must support J2ME or JAVA. Now you need Download a small application software. this is opera mini Browser. Go to Opera Mini from your mobile phone. Download The Application and install it to your mobile. Now open the application. Go to address bar and type Opera:config and press ok. Now you will see many Setting. Scroll the page and see bottom of page. You will find a option about Icomplex settin. The Text Is Use Bitmap fonts for complex script if enabled, text written with complex scripts will be rendered on the server instead of in your device. Select This Option Yes and then press Save Button. Again Go to Setting > Font Size and make your Font Setting Large. Now Browse any Bangla website for test Example: . You will now see Bangla font in your Mobile phone. Now Browse any Bangla website and enjoy Bangla font in your Mobile.